perfume eo01 - egon oelkers - eau de parfum 100ml

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by perfumer egon oelkers, working title: „tigra”button_sample_set_grey_50

warming balsam for the soul.
usage recommendation: very harmonious, sensual-feminine scent, great for evenings and cold days.

development story: the basic idea crystallised when i was visiting temples in tokyo and singapore – my very first trip to asia. although the atmosphere inside the shrines seemed strange to me, it also relaxed me, gave me a very positive feeling. the religious dedication of the people there, the smell of incense sticks, brought back memories of my time as a ministrant, recreating the deep feeling of spiritual well-being that was very much present back then. this is why the combination of balsamic notes – incense, styrax with exotic spices – are at the beginning and at the heart of ‘tigra’, which was the fragrance’s working title: my aim was to sensuously portray spiritual balance, but not necessarily with religious sentiment.

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