gift set 'dark collection': sample set & gift card for 100ml perfume

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the best way to gift a new perfume - the biehl. parfumkunstwerke gift set 'dark collection'


perfect perfumes for dating, official events, fall and winter: variants al02, eo01, eo02, gs02, mb03, pc02

by perfumers arturetto landi, egon oelkers, geza schoen, mark buxton, and patricia choux


content of the gift set:

- 1 sample set 'dark collection': 6 x 2ml perfume samples, info brochure, smelling stips, advice for use

- 1 gift card for 100ml eau de parfum of biehl. parfumkunstwerke & instructions to redeem it

- sample set and perfume are gift wrapped, including all shipping costs

this is how it works:

1. select a set, enter name of the receiver (and different delivery address if desired) and pay.
2. the receiver will receive the set (from you or us), chooses calmly his favorite perfume, and returns the gift card with the selected perfume to us.
3. the selected perfume will arrive a few days later 

redeem the chosen perfume: 

the receiver can order its perfume by email or mail. simply note the choice on the gift card and shoot/scan/copy it and send it back to us.
or just have him call us, we are glad to talk to him/her personally.    +49 30 2758 1077     biehl. parfumkunstwerke, borsigstr. 8, 10115 berlin, germany


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