pc01 - patricia choux - sample 2ml

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pc01by perfumer patricia choux, working title: 'mango tree forest'

sun, finally. a breath of wind. the soul smiles.

usage recommendation: fresh, lively daytime-feel-good scent for women and men. apply frequently to enjoy the delicious headnote.

development story: holidays on tahiti. my favorite memory – my fragrance memory – includes mango. sometimes creamy, sometimes as tart as a sorbet, with hints of sweet vanilla. this fruity freshness is combined with tiare, my favorite flower. it is native to tahiti and is the island’s authentic scent. these two ingredients form the basis for pc01, or ‘mango tree forest’ as it was initially called. i did not make the floral note of the tiare as narcotic as it can be; my version is light, airy, watery: my island holidays.