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perfume gs03 - geza schoen - eau de parfum 100ml

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by perfumer geza schoen, working title: 'cologne reloaded 3.0'button_sample_set_grey_50

lascivious purity. warm. subtle. hidden seduction. 

usage recommendation: very sexy, feminine fragrance for day and night. the classic eau de cologne theme modernized for the third millenium.

development story: the idea for it appears rather simple: rejuvenate the eau-de-cologne theme. it was however a complex restructuring process to modernize such a well-known scent. the traditional, overpowering freshness of orange flower, neroli, and citrus notes needed the depth, warmth, and lasciviousness of modern musk notes, benzoe siam, moss, and castoreum.
the result: ostensibly clear and innocent – provocatively innocent, disrespectful – how beautiful. escentric 01, escentric molecule

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8 - 8 of 13 results