perfume mb01 - mark buxton - eau de parfum 100ml

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by perfumer mark buxton, working title: „cut gardenia”button_sample_set_grey_50

cool eroticism. white. no trace of innocence. 

usage recommendation: very feminine, natural scent; discrete, subtle, sexy. perfect for warmer days, for daytime use in office and recreation.

development story: leaving paris. a balmy summer night in normandy – at last. i am sitting on the patio, complete peace. and the smells around me…. wow. one of these smells captivated me in particular, the big scent of gardenia. this is how ‘cut gardenia’, later mb01, was born: innocent, pure and yet very sexy. because you cannot get gardenia extract i recreated it; the naturalness of champaca absolute, accents of jasmine combined with the narcotic scent of tuberose. the base is soft and seductive: musk, sandalwood, ambergris – et voilà.

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