perfume eo03 - egon oelkers - eau de parfum 100ml

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by perfumer egon oelkers, working title: „gracile”button_sample_set_grey_50

subtle the-best-is-good-enough attitude. extravagance in white.

usage recommendation: for lovers of floral-flowery female fragrances, daytime use for spring and summer.

development story: just imagine the south of france. spring, the beginning of may. a clear, fresh morning which hints at how hot, how erotic the day could become. the time i spent there in the mediterranean is very strongly reflected in ‘gracile’, which was my working title for this fragrance. like the flowering pittosporum hedges, which are similar to orange blossom, it unites fresh, clear aspects with the lush, humid promise of indole in white blossoms. flamboyant and anything but innocent.

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