perfume gs01 - geza schoen - eau de parfum 100ml

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by perfumer geza schoen, working title: 'asian sensual'button_sample_set_grey_50

captivating clarity. depth. exhaling. the power of silence.

usage recommendation: natural, relaxing, exotic fragrance. daytime use, for office and leisure. 

development story: ‘asian sensual’, which was the concept name for gs01, is an homage to thailand and indonesia, two countries i backpacked around in the 90s. i wanted to capture the new, exotic smells of asia, clear and yet sensual, in an exceptional fragrance that was feminine but not heady. what i had in my mind was the strangely soothing combination of lime juice, spicy elements and the all-pervasive aroma of basmati rice. to this i added a combination of floral and fruity notes, such as white peach, magnolia and jasmine. these accords rest on a very refined base of woody elements – vetiver, cedarwood, sandalwood – and warm musk. very intoxicating. very deep. and yet supremely relaxed. escentric 01, escentric molecule

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